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QEFPjBL seminar 9th October

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“透過Web 2.0 推動高小程度探究式專題研習的協作教學模式”


QEF Project Seminar: Sharing the Experience
“Promoting a collaborative teaching approach to inquiry project-based
learning with Web 2.0 at upper primary levels”



Date: 9 October 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Venue: T2, Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road




  1. Program rundown
  2. Photo gallery
  3. Video
  4. PowerPoint



Ø   計劃概覽 (Project overview)


Ø   老師作為研究者以發展教師專業

    (Teacher as researcher to promote teacher professionalism)


Ø   讀寫能力是良好公民的基石

    (Reading and writing ability are the foundation of being a good citizens)

朱啟華博士 Dr Samuel Kai Wah Chu


周志堅博士 Dr Ken Chow



何洵怡博士  Dr Ho Shun Yee


經驗分享 中華基督教會基法小學

Sharing from CCC Kei Faat Primary School

羅詩敏老師 Ms Law Sze Man 

鍾秀婷老師 Ms Chung Sau Ting 

經驗分享 長洲聖心學校

Sharing from Cheung Chau Sacred Heart School 

謝錦玉老師 Ms Tse Kam Yuk

許靄璇老師 Ms Hui Oi Shuen



經驗分享 順德聯誼總會胡少渠紀念小學 [上午校]

Sharing from STFA Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School [AM]

羅晧章老師 Mr Law Ho Cheung


經驗分享 嘉諾撒小學

Sharing from Canossa Primary School


方志新老師  Mr Fong Chi Sun

Ø 展望 來年計劃(Looking forward-Plan for the coming year)


Ø 如何透過網上個人反思促進培養探究式專題研習之價值觀和態度

    (Using Online Self Reflection to Enhance the Development of Values

       and Attitudes In The Inquiry Project-Based Learning.)


Ø 英文科協同寫作(Collaborative writing in English)

朱啟華博士 Dr Samuel Kai Wah Chu


蕭勵中博士 Dr Felix Siu    




Ms Nicole Tavares






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